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Wednesday, August 16, 2017
Things To Do in Tucson - Nightlife


Downtown Tucson includes the most dynamic and fun nightlife scene in the whole Southwest! This rundown is continually changing as new settings fly up,...
Things To Do in Tucson - Museums


Museums, here we come! While out and about, go discover something really amazing at the numerous Downtown Tucson Museums! Go out there and find something old or...
Things To Do in Tucson - Movies


Yay For Movies! For best new free movies, the Oscar goes to the Screening Room!Home of the Arizona International Film Festival, the Screening Room made...
Things To Do in Tucson - Shopping


An astute individual once said "Shopping is Good for The Soul..." Well, that is not by any means a quote, yet I think it...
Things To Do in Tucson - Art Galleries

Art Galleries

With over 15 art galleries in the downtown Tucson area, you should have no problem decorating your new condo at Julian Drew.  Pottery, glass,...


All The Concerts! Concerts! I'm not known for name dropping but these are a few bands/artists that have played right here in Tucson:Smashing Pumpkins ...
Things To Do in Tucson - Restaurants


Most likely one of the quickest developing portions in downtown Tucson in the previous couple of years has been the eatery business. Awesome culinary...